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Landscape Installation & Maintenance...No Problem!

No matter the landscape - big or small - plant by plant, we will do our best

to ensure that your yard is at its best!

What sets Us apart from the Others?

Myers will put your mind at rest with:

  • Informative Consultations

  • Fast and Efficient Crews

  • Best Selection of Plants to Choose From!

  • Transportation and Installation of Plants

  • Locally Grown Plants for the Northern Indiana Climate

  • Friendly and Attentive Workers, Landscapers, and Nursery Keepers

Come See Us Today!

We get the job YOU want, done.

Pruning - We Specialize in Recovery and Rejuvenation Techniques!

Our client wanted to reduce the size and improve the shape of her lakeside shade tree.

We drove to the site, took a digital photo, and marked it up with suggestions. The sketch was emailed to the customer for approval and then we made it happen! This pruning job was completed without heavy equipment so not to damage her lawn. We coordinated our work with her next visit to Lake Wawasee, the job was completed and her property was ready to enjoy!

Experienced and trained personnel use the right tools to get the job done.

Snow Plowing - We are not afraid to get out of the truck to do a complete and neat job of snow removal!

Give us a call when the snow falls and we will be glad to remove by plow, shovel, or blower. Or, tell us how much (or how little) snow you want to tolerate and we will handle it automatically every time it falls!

Design to WOW!

We listen carefully to your specifications to make sure your project meets your needs.

Schedule an appointment today 574-457-5354

Tree/Shrub Removal & Replacement

Our clients are pleasantly surprised by our ability to make significant landscape changes with minimal disturbance to surrounding finished areas. You have seen how others tear out old plants. We are proud to leave your property looking better instead of worse! We will refit your beds with the latest low-maintenance landscaping options.

Lawn Maintenece & Repair

We are experts when it comes to lawn repairs. 

Did new construction, a new well, snow plows or other large equipment damage your lawn? We will fix it properly and quickly! We use superior seed, purchased from a reliable grower, or locally grown sod (when available).

Not sure if Lawn Rolling is the answer? You may contact the following contractors directly,

or call us at Myers Landscape Nursery (574)-457-5354. We can help you decide the best approach.

  • Wayne Lemler of Lemler Lawns 574-773-2800 1 ton to 4500 lb. 5' wide roller

  • Roger Snyder 574-831-2869 2 ton riding ashpalt roller

  • Wes Meyer 574-536-7775 2 ton riding ashpalt roller

Lawn Maintenace

  • Jeffrey Yoder of Just The Basics Lawncare LLP 574-529-0492 mowing

Tree & Shrub Transplanting

If you have a plant that needs to be moved and a tree spade cannot be used, we have the skill to professionally transplant large and small specimens.

Myers' Recommendations For Machine-Assisted Transplanting

  • Blooms Tree Nursery - Jim Bloom - 574-784-8237 or 574-299-0669

  • Michiana Tree Movers 574-825-8688

  • Boggs Tree Transplanting 574-551-7506 or 574-551-7373

Seaweed Removal

Insurance Estimates

We provide quick, professional insurance estimates to help you recover accidental damage to your property, lawn, trees, and landscape. We also offer prompt cleanup and repair service.

Site evaluations, photo documentation, and written estimates are approximately $65-$75 within 10 miles of Syracuse, Indiana. Mileage fees are $4.99 per mile for site evaluations.

Contact Information

Phone: 574-457-5354

Fax: 574-457-2482


Address and Location

15497 US 6

Syracuse, IN 46567

We are located on the north side of U.S. Highway 6, just a mile north of Syracuse, between S.R. 13 and CR 29.

Garden Center Hours

Spring through Fall Hours

Monday - Saturday

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Closed holidays

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