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Coral Bells, Daisies, and Liatris - oh my!

Speaking of daisies, these Daisy May Shasta Daisy are blowing us away this year. Wow!

If you are a regular here at Myers Landscape Nursery, you will know that we love our coral bells!  The curled, glossy foliage on the Dark Secret Coral Bells (Heuchera) have us thinking of landscape ideas.

Little Lime Hydrangea and Apricot Drift Roses remain popular because they are as hardy as they are beautiful.

Garden View Scarlet Bee Balm (Monarda) and Russian Sage are a fantastic addition to any butterfly garden.

Double Red Knock Out Roses by the semi-load!

A hands-down customer favorite Sweet Drift Rose. We here at Myers Landscape Nursery think it is pretty swell, too!

New Trees:

Myers Landscape Nursery is excited to offer Stewartia pseudocamellia!  This is an attractive ornamental tree.  Stewartia will do well in full sun to light shade, but avoid planting in areas with hot afternoon sun. Stewartia are best used as a specimen tree for lawns or in shrub boarders.

Very long lasting white flowers appear in summer. Under ideal conditions flowers can last throughout June and July in Northern Indiana!  The deep green leaves turn blazing red, yellow, and purple in the fall.

Stewartia has a beautiful exfoliating bark in shades of orange-tan and grey that become more pronounce as the tree matures. 

Stewartia is a zone 5 tree, growing slowly to 40'high and 30' wide if unpruned.  Due to its slow rate of growth, it is suitable beneath power lines and near structures.  

I am told by our friend and Landscape Designer, Jon Cutrell, that there are some very nice mature Stewartia at the bank branch where College Ave. crosses US HWY 33 in Goshen, Indiana.  If you are in the area, drive by and check them out.

Myers Landscape Nursery also carries Prunus serrulata Kwanzan Cherry - the hardiest of all cherry trees.  This tree grows rapidly to a mature height of 30-40 ft, and is one of the easiest flowering trees to grow.

The Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree is easily the showiest of all Cherry Trees. Its flowers aren’t just pink… but “Double Pink,” meaning each flower is very full and showy!
Your Kwanzans will begin to bloom in April. Also a delight in the fall, when it will give you golden autumn leaves that grab everyone's attention.   It truly is a tree for many seasons!

Your new Kwanzan Cherry Tree blooms in large clusters of 3-5 flowers per cluster. These clusters are the thickest of all pink flowering trees and look similar to carnations.
Easily grown in zones 5-9. 

Other interesting trees that we carry here at Myers Landscape Nursery include:

Cornus kousa Heart Throb Dogwood

Syringa reticulata Japanese Ivory Silk Tree Lilac.  Myers Landscape Nursery carries both single stem and multi-stem options for this wonderful specimen tree.

We offer installation of all of trees, shrubs, and perennials that we carry.  Installation generally runs about 79% of the cost of the item, plus $7.99/mile trip charge (one way).  Tree installation includes mulching, soil amendment and staking, if needed, within the 1st year. 

Once we have planted your items, we will customize watering or other care instructions for your plants and your site.  If you follow our instructions, we guarantee our plantings for 1 year.