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Grass Seed

Myers Landscape Nursery keeps a variety of grass seed on hand for your lawn care needs. We offer grass seed by the pound, bagged while you wait, or in pre-packaged 25 lb or 50 lb bags.

For best results, we recommend that all of our seeds be used at the rate of 6 lb/1,000 SqFt for new lawns or 4 lb/1,000 SqFt for overseeding.

Landscaper Seed Mix

Landscaper mix contains 20% each of: Fiesta 4 Perennial Ryegrass, Phenom Perennial Ryegrass, Caddieshack Perennial Ryegrass, Creeping Red Fescue, and Kentucky Bluegrass. This mix provides an easy to grow and maintain grass, which does well in full sun to moderate shade.

  • $3.99 per pound

  • $79.99 for 25 lb bag

  • $145.99 for 50 lb bag

Shady Seed Mix

Shady mix contains: 30% Creeping Red Fescue, 20% Cardinal Creeping Red Fescue, 20% Compass Chewing Fescue, 20% Fiji Perennial Ryegrass, and 10% Kentucky Bluegrass. Shady mix is good for use in moderate shade to partial sun.

  • $4.59 per pound

  • $85.99 for a 25 lb bag

  • $155.00 for a 50 lb bag

Sports Turf Mix

Sports Turf mix contains 20% each of: Phenom Perennial Ryegrass, Perfection Kentucky Bluegrass, Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass, and Grand Slam II Perennial Ryegrass. This is a durable grass seed known for its quick healing properties. Please order this seed one to two weeks in advance.

  • $4.99 per pound

  • $96.50 for a 25 lb bag

  • $179 .99 for a 50 lb bag

Annual Rye

Annual Ryegrass seed has a 98.33% germination rate. This is a quick growing, temporary seed which can be mixed with our other seeds to protect new seedlings and to prevent erosion on sloped surfaces.

  • $2.99 per pound

  • $49.99 for a 25 lb bag

  • $79.99 for a 50 lb bag

LINKS MIX (no mow)

  • $5.99 Per Pound

  • $139.99 for a 25 lb bag

  • $259.00 for a 50 lb bag

Erosion Control

Myers Landscape Nursery also offers erosion control for your lawn seeding and landscape projects. We carry plastic netting and rolls of straw matting (single net), as well as bales of straw.

Straw Bales $7.99 Each

Conwed Plastic Netting photo-degradable  

  • 3.5 LnFt/2000ft roll $.29/LnFt foot, custom cut length

  • 7-8ft/3000ft roll $39/LnFt

  • 3.5' x 3000' roll for $450.00

  • 7' x 3000' roll for $675.00

Straw Matting (Single Net)

Due to the nature of the material, we cannot cut to fit.

8' x 112.5' (113') roll for $82.00

4' x 180' roll for $100. This size is available for special order. Delivery time to the nursery is generally three to seven days, and is subject to availability from the supplier.

3-4/ft/50 ft Roll $45.99

3-4 ft/180 ft Roll $85.99

7-8 ft/112.5 ft roll $89.99

Contact Information

Phone: 574-457-5354

Fax: 574-457-2482


Address and Location

15497 US 6

Syracuse, IN 46567

We are located on the north side of U.S. Highway 6, just a mile north of Syracuse, between S.R. 13 and CR 29.

Garden Center Hours

Spring through Fall Hours

Monday - Saturday

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Closed holidays

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