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Bulk Mulch Available On Grounds 

Myers Landscape Nursery carries Dark Brown Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch available to be loaded directly into your truck or trailer. There is a convenient loading bay for you to use, which will protect your vehicle while we load.

Dark Brown Mulch is made from mostly hardwood tree bark. There is no trash or sawdust, and is is not made from pallets. Dark Brown Mulch is naturally dark brown, but it has been tinted so that the color lasts even longer. Again, we recommend that you have a tarp available at delivery as this mulch may stain walks or driveways.

Mulch is $42 per cubic yard. One cubic yard will cover 150 square feet at 2-3" deep (the depth for new installation). If you are refreshing an existing mulch bed, using a similar color of mulch, one cubic yard will cover up to 300 square feet.

A full size pick-up truck will haul 3 cubic yards of mulch, which will be a heaped load. We recommend that you tarp this amount to prevent losing mulch as you drive home. Half ton short-bed trucks will hold about 1.5 cubic yards, which will also be a heaped load.

If you do not know how much mulch you may need for your garden beds, please call us with the dimensions of each area you intend to cover. We will help you estimate your mulch needs.

Myers Landscape Nursery also offers mulch delivery and installation. Installation fees average about $65 per cubic yard. Our fleet of trucks are able to haul from 1 to 9 cubic yards at one time. A trip charge will be figured at $8.99 per mile (one way) for deliveries and installations.

Difficult situations may also incur a surcharge of up to one and a half times the normal delivery/installation rate.

Contact Information

Phone: 574-457-5354

Fax: 574-457-2482


Address and Location

15497 US 6

Syracuse, IN 46567

We are located on the north side of U.S. Highway 6, just a mile north of Syracuse, between S.R. 13 and CR 29.

Garden Center Hours

Spring through Fall Hours

Monday - Saturday

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Closed holidays

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