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  • Mark Myers

Fruit Trees! Finally!

Investing in a family fruit tree is not only a wise economical choice, but could also become a family hobby. I know here at Myers nothing keeps my family more bonded than a family business! So if you are looking for a fruit tree, we've got em'!

Myers Landscape and Nursery just got a new load of fruit trees! There are dozens of fruits to choose from, from apple to plum, and are likely to sell fast!


Semi-Dwarf Delicious Yellow Apple

Semi-Dwarf Ginger Gold Apples

Semi-Dwarf Granny Smith Apple

Semi-Dwarf Honeycrisp Apple


Montmorency Sour Cherry

North Star Sour Cherry

Semi-Dwarf Sweet Bing Cherry

Semi-Dwarf North Star Sour Cherry

 DWARF Sweet Van Cherry


Red Lake Currant 


Chicago Hardy Fig


Black Concord Grape

Black Concord Seedless Grape

Black Mars Seedless Grape

White Niagara Grape


Semi Dwarf Haven Hale Peach

Dwarf Red Haven Peach


DWARF Green Anjou Pear

Semi Dwarf Yellow Bosc Pear

Semi-Dwarf Red Bartlet Pear


Semi Dwarf Red Bruce Plum

If its a fruit tree you need, be sure to stop by Myers Landscape and Nursery to check out our wonderful selection. We are always happy to help in your planting and selecting process, and are more than willing to "go that extra mile" for ALL our customers! Call me, Mark,  at (574)-518-8000 for any questions you my have about our fruit trees or your own landscape, and come see us today! 

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