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Myers Landscape Nursery

  31 years of low maintenance landscaping


Myers Landscape Nursery offers three types of soil: Potting Soil, Shredded Black Topsoil, and Mineral Soil.

We are extremely particular with the blending of our soil products in order to assure your gardening success.

Mineral  Soil

5 gallon tub of shredded black topsoil $4.00

10 gallon $9.50

Small Tractor Scoop $25.00

1 Ton $45.00

High organic potting soil

5 gallon tub of potting soil $5.00

10 gallon $10.00

Small Tractor Scoop $35.00

1 Ton $65.00

Myers Landscape Nursery offers delivery services for soil and mulch at a rate of $8.99 per mile (one way).

If you are not sure what quantity of soil you need, please call with the length, width, and depth of the area needing soil.  We will do our best to set you up with the correct quantity of the best soil for your intended use.

Myers Landscape Nursery also offers custom soil installation and lawn topdressing, typically at the rate of $90 per ton.

Difficult delivery and installation situations typically incur surcharges of 1.5 - 2  times the usual rate.