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Myers Landscape Nursery

  31 years of low maintenance landscaping

From trees to ground cover, Mark Myers has tried just about everything.  Yet year after year, there are certain things that prove to be indispensable for the nursery grounds at Myers Landscape Nursery

Check out the following categories if you are on the hunt for something new for your landscape:

Shade Trees:  Lots of great new Maple varieties, including seedless Autumn Blaze Maples

Ornamental Trees:  Tree Lilacs, Dwarf Flowering Crabs, Kousa Dogwood, and Forest Pansy Redbud to name a few

Shrubs:  Lots of fancy dwarf and full size Lilacs.  Specializing in the newest and hardiest Hydrangeas

Perennials:  We have a wide variety of the new Villosa Hybrid Coral Bells for shade

Ornamental Grasses:  Wide selection of cool and warm season grasses

Ground Cover:  Pachysandra, Myrtle (Vinca minor), English Ivy, and many varieties of colorful, low growing sedums.  One of Mark's favorites is Angelina Sedum.

Roses:  The favorites at Myers Landscape Nursery are the Knock Outs (especially the double red) and Drift Roses.