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Myers Landscape Nursery

  31 years of low maintenance landscaping

Myers Landscape Nursery Offers Bulk Mulch and Soil

We are able to load your pickup truck or trailer, using one of our tractors.  If you do not have a vehicle capable of transporting at least 1/2 ton or 1/2 yard of product, or need a quantity larger than you are willing to transport yourself, Myers Landscape Nursery offers delivery services.  Delivery rates are $8.99 per mile (one way).

If you are unsure of the quantity of mulch or soil that you need for an area, the staff at Myers Landscape Nursery can help you figure the amount needed with a few dimensions: length and width of the area to cover.  If you are needing to fill a hole or raised bed, a depth measurement will also be helpful.

Finely shredded Dark Brown Hardwood Mulch - $42 / CY

Please be aware that although we are open year round, there is still an ebb and flow to what is needed (and what can be done!).  Spring is the time everyone is re-mulching, or installing mulch for the first time.  Our mulch goes fast in spring, so please feel free to call the office at 574-457-5354 to verify availability.  If we happen to be out, we will give you an estimated time of arrival of our next fresh load of mulch.  As things wind down in the late summer and fall, we may not have a tractor driver available on grounds at all times to load mulch or large trees.  Give us a call to verify loading availability, or to set up an appointment.