Myers Landscape Nursery

  30 years of low maintenance landscaping

Myers Landscape Nursery carries a variety of sizes and types of live potted Christmas trees!

If you are getting tired of spending money on cut trees every year, consider live trees to decorate and then add to your landscape.  We provide instructions for proper care to ensure your tree will survive not only the holiday season, but for many years to come!

Regular hours are from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Saturday.  Due to the busy holiday season, Mark and CJ will be available after hours until Christmas Eve.  If the "Open" sign is lit up - come on up to the house!

Myers Landscape Nursery offers gift certificates in any denomination - great for friends and family.  Gift certificates can be used for plants or services and do not expire.

We can take payment information over the phone.  Gift certificates can be mailed or emailed - to you or the recipient - right away.

Email us at or call 574-457-5354 or 574-518-8000.

Now that the season is winding down, it is best to call to make sure we have a tractor driver on grounds for mulch and large tree loading.  If you have a pick up day or time in mind, we can make sure to have a driver available.  Thank you for your understanding.  Happy planting!

Double Flowering Beauties Are Putting on a Show!

Echinacea Milkshake Double Coneflower.

White flowers tend to be overlooked when considering plants to add to landscape designs.  However, these double white Milkshake coneflowers look right at home with these Limelight Hydrangea and Southern Belle double pink coneflowers. They even help the Variegated Weigela foliage stand out!

Echinacea Hot Papaya Double Coneflower.

The red coneflowers are gaining popularity - and the double petals make this variety even more of a stand-out.

Echinacea Southern Belle Double Coneflower.

Southern Belle has proven to be a long lasting, hardy double flowering coneflower.  Once it starts, it blooms like this until frost.  Now that's impressive!

Althea Sugar Tip Variegated Rose of Sharon.

Although Rose of Sharon take awhile to get started, this variegated, double pink flowering variety is worth the wait.

Myers Cartoons!

Thanks to artist Michael Branson, the adventures of Myers Landscape Nursery has been 'toonified!  See more on our Facebook page.